Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kindred souls

While looking through My filling cabnet I found some of My old stories, and something a friend gave Me many yrs ago. Re-reading it again, I can see why I loved it and kept it for son long.. I'm not sure who the author is, but it is so beautiful I had to share.

Kindred Souls

Searching: light unfolds a new day. Harvest moon. We seek the spirit of truth and a path unseen.

Together as one magical luminescence ignites. A new found delight, a miracle, touch is electric.

Spent, safe entwined. Feeling whole and complete. Dawn brings a new era of curious longing. Finally.

The leaves fall and the autumn sun droops toward the horizon. We hold each other, oblivious. The sun sets yet we rise.

Our dreams and dark secrets exposed, laid bare, naked. Acceptance? Rejection? Compassion? Forgiveness?

Yet throughout we laugh, we love, we embrace, we share. Our lives, bizarre are they are, somehow fit.

Time moves quickly when new love is found. Energizing. Trusting. Exploring. Testing. Unfolding like an orchid blossom long dormant.

Fantasies. Oh such young love is compelling. We trust our feelings, and probe, and explore.

Latin sounds, candles, incense. New aromas and golden earrings. Forbidden adventures delighting our senses. Bliss.

Sweat mingles with sex mingles with lotions and notions. We lay spent, uncaring about the world. No repent.

Blood stories shared with each other. Children, fruit of our loins, part of us. But strangely, distant. How to cope. Yet love.

Music, art, touch, healing. Sharing and grieving. In some ways still reeling. Past hurts inflicts upon innocent lives.

Darkness arrives as the winter solstice grew near. Evil spirits Conspiring through a lock of the hair. Logic dissipates replaced by hate.

Love struck asunder with a sickening blow. Unannounced. Unwanted. Yet history repeats and demons emerge.

One years, one learns. At different frequencies and at different speeds. Cold winds blow forth a chilling prophecy.

Now entangled with history and bemused at it all. Hurtful, and sinful, and reeking of stench from past transgressions.

She pauses. contemplative, perhaps foreseeing. The road less traveled is the road of achieving. Dream, or nightmare?

We show love in different ways. Reaching out. Crying. Not understanding. Yet understanding.

Bodies pierced and skin engraved with color. A physical connection. A metaphysical force trying to connect with spirit and flesh.

Yet it goes. Was the dream prematurely ended? Was the nightmare just beginning? Winter now grows dark and quiet. Enjoying its prey.

Why do we hurt those we love? Must love be vicious? Searching, you draw near. Yet distant. Detached.

Trust departs. The essence of friendship. Of relationship. Of caring. Must we always return the hurt?

Are others hurt because we hurt inside? What does the pain in our hearts, the tears in our eyes, the longing in our souls mean?

Eyes roll back in our heads, predatory sharks ready to attack. The kill comes so quickly.

Yesterday that time moved quickly with new found joy. Excitedly, each conversation yielded new truth.

Now we fight not to hate. But the solstice is upon us. Cold. Cruel. Oblivious to the pain. The devil in his element.

You cannot let me in. You will not allow it. Violence and blood from years past rules. The victim again.

Autumnal love vanquished with hopes for a new tomorrow. The cremains are found memories. Too short, Very sweet. Budding love ripped asunder.

Remembrances, tokens of joy gone awry. A photograph, a hug, black patch on an eye. A quick glance of knowing.

Hope springs on. We love, we live, we learn. We cannot get inside so we strive to survive.

Kindred souls alight.

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