Friday, April 30, 2010

God must be laughing at Me

God must be sitting up in heaven laughing his ass off at Me. As if things couldn't possibly get any worse....They FUCKING do!!

My 18 yr old sister was just driving down Westnedge ave, when another car ran a stop sign and smashed into her....She luckily is ok, but My moms car is totaled.

The President from My bike club during a phone conversation told Me, "things could be worse"...They certainly do get worse, but what I want to know is when the fuck are they going to start to get better??

I mean really God, how strong do you think I am?? Facing all of this alone, newly divorced, just makes the struggle to keep My head above water that much harder.

What did I ever do to piss you off that badly that feel the need to put Me through all of this?? It makes Me doubt you, God, as well as Myself.

I surrender, you win!!! Just finish the job already...I'm done!!

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