Thursday, April 29, 2010

An email I got on another site

Love this so much I just had to share.....

I found this email this afternoon in My in box, and it is so wonderful, I just have to share.....their name has been left out.

Your recent comment in BDSM & Romance tore at my Heart. I know that we don't have our Life Style focus in common, but I must tell you that you are an exquisite human being; don't stop being. Diosa, provide me the benefit of any doubt and just read what my thoughts are flowing to you. Or whatever reason, I am a messenger sent to you, now. There is life after death. I don't know what your story is, but it probably has to do with a person not treasuring your vulnerability, your preciousness, and yes even your unique bitchiness. No we don't know each other. I was just checking mail and then off to sleep. And your comment struck my heart. You are better than what ever happened to you; I sense it. You, dear woman are truly, Real; and to top that off (no pun intended) you are beautiful, naturally, genuinely beautiful; womanly, sensuously, erotically gorgeous.

Again, I thank this stranger for reaching out to Me. It means so much to Me that you did.

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