Saturday, October 23, 2010

55 things about Me

55 Things about Me

1. I worked at Interlochen Nation Music Camp back in the summer of ‘84. I was in a terrible car accident heading back up north one weekend, where My head went through the wind shield.

2. I am a mother to two wonderfully strong young men.

3. I have been a professional cook for over 25yrs.

4. My favorite foods to cook is Mexican and Southern

5. I have been to the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado

6. I love camping

7. I grew up on the back of a motorcycle. Mom had a bike, I’ve been riding since I was 6yrs old.

8. I’ve been to the Womyn’s Festival in Hart, Michigan

9. I love laying in bed with the boys watching karate movies and munching on snacks.

10. I am 420 friendly

11. I love to create new dishes, food is a passion of Mine.

12. I love country boys and country music

13. Going to concerts is one of My favorite things to do.

14. I love PBR (Professional Bull Riders-not the beer)

15. I suffered a terrible spinal injury back in ‘04 that left Me in bed for 18months. Which I had no outside family help with, so My boys skipped school a lot to stay home and take care of Me.

16. I have 3 pairs of cowboy boots

17. I collect concert t-shirts

18. We use to raise Great Danes when I was younger, and would show them in AKC shows.

19. I grew up in a lesbian lifestyle, I have never seen My mom with a man.

20. I love bubble baths, with rose petals is even better.

21. What doesn’t kill Me, makes Me stronger.

22. I believe in karma

23. I am obsessed with Vampires

24. I’m addicted to tattoos, My newest one is Vampire bite marks on My neck.

25. I dream of a Poly house, and My own dungeon.

26. I am not shy about who and what I am. Like it or lump it.

27. I love to read. Romance, erotica, and anything by Anne Rice.

28. I can be romantic and gentle, but why bother when being sadistic is so much more fun.

29. I have a thing for blood

30. I use to have a corset piercing on My chest

31. I’m teaching Myself how to play guitar

32. I had a job cutting down trees one summer

33. I use to work in a slaughter house on the kill floor. We knocked on an average of 1200 cows a day.

34. I have a very perverse sense of humor

35. I stared college 3 months after having a cervical spinal fusion.

36. I graduated from college in ‘06 with a degree in Massage Therapy

37. I’m expecting My first grandson the first part of January 2011.

38. I am fiercely loyal when it comes to My friends. If they need help hiding a body, they know I’m the girl with the shovel

39. I have the best friends on the planet

40. I belong to WBMC of Kalamazoo (Wild Bunch Motorcycle Club)
Being property in a men’s club is a big pill for Me to swallow

41. I love the sound of My children laughing

42. I love gardening, and always have fresh vegetables and flowers in the summer and fall months

43. I need more land

44. Back in the 80’s I was very punk rock and looked like Sid Vicious

45. I use to be a skater girl

46. I have been nude modeling since I was 16

47. I love hiking

48. I’m a cutter, but have NOT cut in over 9months

49. I use to live in Ludington, 5 blocks from lake Michigan

50. I was in a very abusive relationship for almost 7 yrs. My children witnessed a lot of it.

51. My mouth does not have a filter (Beware!!) Not true, only about half of what I think actually makes it out of My mouth.

52. Spent one summer working odd jobs. Had to use a jack hammer and break up a in ground pool, and filled it in with dirt.

53. I am a natural blonde.

54. I firmly believe that cowgirls need more than an 8 second ride.

55. I am terrified of heights. (Like it really freaks Me out!!)

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